Globus Terminal

Globus Terminals

Terminals in Globus stores try to overcome specific problems that appear in typical retail situations. Products that customers want to buy may not always be available in their favorite size or color. An integrated barcode scanner allows to scan the barcode of all products in the store. Next to the information about the product, customers can see the availability of the product in the online shop as well as all other Globus stores.

Terminals enhance the retail shopping experience. By showing emotional appealing teasers, presenting carefully selected topics and offering the complete product range, terminals invite the customer to browse through the webshop.

Well trained employees guide customers through the buying process on the terminal to meet the individual needs of the customers. They provide premium digital service that Globus retail stores are well known for. To allow a personal shopping experience, employees can scan the member card of a customer to log them in with almost no effort.

Customers might feel uncomfortable entering credit card information on a public display. Scanned member cards offer a sensible way to pay on a terminal while reducing the effort to enter information on the software keyboard.

Globus Terminal


Some Globus stores host special showroom areas that are focused on a special product range, e.g. suitcases. Showrooms are equipped with a large table on which products can be presented to customers in an appealing way. The terminals are integrated in the tables and are limited to the product range of the showroom. They enhance the buying process, e.g. by showing more variants of the product as well as handle the purchase directly on the table.

My role

For this project I took over the role of a project manager. The development of the terminals went over a period of three month, our team consisted of three remote developers and me. Next to our customer Globus there were two other parties I interacted with. They were responsible for setting up and installing the hardware and operating system of the terminals.

Being in an agile environment, one of my task was to write user stories to document technical requirements as well as user flows. In close collaboration with our customers we planned, defined and prioritized two-week sprints. I presented results in review meetings.

Having to meet a tight deadline, there wasn't much time for testing right before going live. Therefore a crucial part for me was to extensively test the application during the development phase. For internal training workshop for Globus employees I wrote the documentation to showcase the best user flow.